A Mystery of Blood and Dust

A Mystery of Blood and Dust

A Mystery of Blood and Dust - the new Belina Lansac murder mystery

Why is a consul’s daughter lying dead in the Sainte Eulalie chapel when she should be in a mansion attending her betrothal banquet?

Bishop’s enquirer Guillaume Lansac is tasked with solving the mystery - until he is called away by a danger that threatens English King Richard III’s nephews who are travelling to safety in Portugal. He must ride fast to Navarre to save them, leaving his wife Belina to solve the murder alone. But she is more worried about the dangers facing her family. One of her brothers has returned wounded from the war in Granada, bringing a Moorish girl with him, while the other risks being turned out of his mill and robbed of his livelihood and family home. Belina finds herself surrounded on all side by enemies who seem determined to destroy her.

How can she survive in Guillaume’s absence, let alone solve the crime?


French translation

The novel has been translated into French by David Manson and published as Sang et Poussière. Click to read description in French

The Belina Lansac Murder Mystery Series

These novels show how Belina solves crimes while Guillaume (William) tries hard to save the princes from the murderers sent by Henry VII’s mother to kill them.

The third novel will show that Columbus was not the first person to discover America. Other sailors were already there, keeping quiet about their discovery. But Columbus already features in chapter 25 of False Rumours under his real, historical name of Cristobal Colom.

Basque sailors have returned from a mysterious land far to the west of Spain but are trying to keep quiet about their discovery. They travel to Condom to obtain, somehow, a vital map of the coasts of the Atlantic which has disappeared in Condom on its way from Barcelona to Bordeaux. Belina discovers that the map is worth dying for, and her enemies are saying that her husband Guillaume might be the murderer.

A Mystery of Blood and Dust, False Rumours, Les Princes et le Pèlerin
and Sang et Poussière are available to purchase on this website,
in bookshops and from Nichol Press.