False Rumours – A Belina Lansac Murder Mystery

Belina Lansac - False Rumours

Preview – Chapter One

30th August 1483

T he storm broke when Belina was waiting her turn in the apothecary’s store. To curb her impatience she gazed at the porcelain jars on the shelves, trying to decipher the Latin scripts on them. Everyone jumped at the sudden clap of thunder and the apothecary spilt the arsenic he was transferring on to a tiny cloth square lying on his poisons scales. He cursed and began again…

“For lovers of history, this book will steep you in the society, politics, culture and environment of the fifteenth century of France and Britain. A rich, dense story of cunning machinations, set in a fully realised historical setting, brought to vivid life through the eyes of Belina. Every element from weather to architecture feels authentic and vivid, as if you are stepping back in time. Hence the tension of the plot becomes as real as any detective story. One to absorb slowly and enjoy the attention to detail, before emerging stunned and blinking back into reality.”

JJ Marsh Bookmuse

“A hugely enjoyable and engrossing story. The detail of this medieval world is vividly drawn and envelops the reader. Belina questions the cooks in a busy household and the reader can smell the aromas, and see the colourful ingredients, in that kitchen.”

Tracey Warr Historical Novels Review

“I live in Gascony and read every book that is published about the area. Having walked some of the very medieval streets the main character, Belina Lansac walks, I felt as though I’d become her shadow, experiencing everything she did as she takes over the role of town detective from her husband, Guillaume, who leaves home suddenly under a cloak of secrecy. There’s crime, passion, poison, wicked political scheming and murder woven in between the true, never-been-solved mystery of who killed the Princes in the Tower of London – was it Richard III, Henry VII or Henry VIII?”

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